3 Must-Haves in a Healthcare Marketer’s Social Media Content Strategy

Since the start of the 21st century, technology has transformed the way we think, feel and act in more ways than we probably realize. With the rise of technology came social media, which has reshaped the way we communicate and advertise. In fact, according to Oberlo, there are “3.5 billion social media users, which equates to about 45% of the population.” In healthcare, social media is heavily used to increase brand awareness and move consumers from the top of the funnel down towards the action phase.

Healthcare marketers use social media to their advantage by coming up with a robust social media content marketing plan that will help them bring their facility to top of mind for our consumers. An important thing to note when you are working on a social media content strategy is that while consistency in terms of branding and messaging is key, having a balance of content will help your pages stand out. What do I mean by this? I mean that in healthcare, specifically, you shouldn’t forget to include a variety of different content types, whether it’s fun facts about your hospital or a patient testimonial. I know you’re probably thinking — well, there are so many things I can post about, so where can I start? Here are my top three must-haves that I feel are essential to any healthcare marketer’s social media content strategy:  

  1. Patient Testimonials. It’s simple. People trust other people. According to Oberlo, “3 in 4 shoppers say they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.” Finding those brand ambassadors who have had positive experiences at your facilities is a great way to spread the word about the great care being provided at your hospital. Whether it’s a video testimonial or a simple quote and caption combo, patient testimonials are a must-have element of a social media content strategy. Here is an example of one of my favorite patient testimonials:

  1. Physician Highlights. Our doctors play an important role in the overall reputation of our brand. In essence, they are the individuals who can leave a lasting impression in our patients, through the high-quality, compassionate care they provide. Promoting our physicians on our social media platforms is essential for a healthcare marketer. Here are a few ways you can incorporate your physicians into your social media content marketing plan:
    • Facebook Live Q&As on trending health topics
    • Physician bio videos to introduce them to the community
    • Patient testimonials with quotes from doctors for a clinical perspective 
    • A day in the life of a cardiovascular surgeon
  1. Employee Recognitions. The employees in a hospital are truly the heart of the hospital, as without them, there will be no hospital to advertise to begin with. Recognizing your colleagues on social media is a great way to humanize your brand. Not only will it give your employees a motivation to keep working hard, but it will also make your brand relatable to your consumers. 

Understanding how to connect with consumers through social media is essential for any marketer. For a healthcare marketer, specifically, patient testimonials, physician highlights and employee recognitions are three must-haves for a social media content plan. As you can see, there is an infinite amount of content that one can post on social media. That’s the absolute beauty of it! 

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