4 Video Formats To Connect With Patients in Healthcare

Now more than ever, video marketing has become a prevalent way to communicate within our society. In fact, according to Biteable, “humans find videos more engaging, more memorable, and more popular than any other type of content out there.” As healthcare marketers, we are always aiming to connect with potential patients or consumers and turn them into current patients, as well as, connect with current patients to move them up the funnel to loyalty. 

There are several ways marketers achieve such a connection and video marketing plays a vital role in this achievement. According to Hubspot, “81% of businesses use video as a marketing tool.” So, how can you, too, can use video marketing to your advantage? Luckily for you, I’ve listed four ways healthcare marketers use video marketing to increase patient acquisition:

  1. Patient Testimonials — One of the top ways healthcare marketers resonate with consumers is by producing emotionally captivating videos. Whether it’s a breast cancer survivor speaking about how she is now in remission or an 18-year-old who shares his story on how lucky he feels to see another day post-car accident, patient testimonials always have a way of appealing to pathos. Here is one of my top patient testimonial videos:

  1. Facebook Live — The Facebook Live feature is a great way to provide your audience with an organic option of communicating. Facebook lives don’t require any editing and can allow consumers to connect with the person behind the camera. In healthcare, some procedures and medical terminology can sound frightening. At times, physicians lack relatability. A Facebook live series with a Q&A session on trending health topics or a National Health Observance can give consumers a chance to relate and resonate with your doctors. Here’s an example of a Facebook Live featuring a physician:
  1. A 60-Second “Minute” Series — A minute series is essentially 60 seconds worth of video content. With most people having such short attention spans, this video format may be your top choice when you’re looking to catch your audience’s attention or get the word out quickly about something. The important thing to note with a minute series is to maintain consistency. 
  2. A “Day in the Life” Series — With many misconceptions and fears involving healthcare, a day in the life series will give consumers an inside scoop into what to expect when coming into your hospital for care. It can also be used for other acquisition purposes such as residency, doctor or colleague employment. A segment such as a day in the life of a general surgery resident or a day in the life of a labor and delivery nurse will allow consumers to get a true, authentic understanding of what they will experience in your facility.

With the innovation of technology, video marketing has become a vital part of today’s marketing strategies. Consumers are much more likely to retain a message that is conveyed through a video. By implementing these four video formats into your marketing plan, you will not only be able to connect with patients, but you will leave long lasting impressions. 

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