How To Persuade Patients To Trust Your Brand

Now more than ever, businesses are faced with challenges when aiming to get consumers to trust their brand. With the plethora of information readily available on the internet, consumers have access to anything they may want to find at their very fingertips. The struggle with this is that not all the information found online is real, authentic and accurate. 

In healthcare, we are constantly battling with our consumers’ internal fears with receiving healthcare. Whether it’s their fear with a surgery procedure as a whole or their distrust in having their lives in the hands of another human being, healthcare marketers must focus their attention on persuading patients to trust their brands. So, how is this achieved? Here are two important strategies every healthcare marketer should implement:

Let your patients speak for you

In healthcare, letting your patients speak for you is an essential strategy to getting consumers to trust your brand. In fact, according to INC, “People trust people more than they do brands. Because of this, it’s important to leverage what customers are saying about your company.” You can let patients speak for you by leveraging patient testimonials, social media posts and online ratings or reviews. Every individual has been impacted by healthcare in one form or another. Whether they’ve been a patient themselves or if they’ve had a loved one in a hospital, everyone has had some type of experience with a hospital. This can be used to an advantage as patient testimonials will appeal to the emotions and pathos of consumers. In addition, consumers tend to trust in patient reviews and ratings much more than they would if a hospital employee is speaking about the care they provide. Optimizing the positive reviews that come in via Google, Yelp or Facebook, should be implemented in every healthcare marketer’s strategy plan. 

Let your care speak for itself

Although allowing your patients to speak for you is the preferred method of marketing a brand, we shouldn’t neglect the opportunities healthcare marketers can initiate to bring their brand image up. Providing high-quality, compassionate care is an impactful way to get consumers to trust your brand. Saying you provide high-level care is one thing, and actually providing it is another. Ensuring you are collaborating with nursing leaders and physicians to encourage taking patient care to the next level will automatically lead to an increase in patients. Think about it. If a patient comes to your facility and receives exceptional care, they’ll want to return to your facility the next time they need to. They’ll also share their experience with others. By providing high-quality care, several healthcare providers and facilities are awarded with honorable mentions or awards that speak to the quality of care at the facility. Leveraging these recognitions on social media is a great way to decrease the distrust in patients.

With all of the misleading information found on the internet, communicating the positive outcomes at your facility is a great way to outweigh the negatives. Giving your patients and your care the power to speak for your brand is an effective way to persuade patients to trust in your brand.
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