Out-of-Home Advertising: What Is It and Is It Still a Thing?

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With a constantly evolving world of communication tools and platforms, marketers and advertisers are spoiled for choice when it comes to which channels to implement into their strategies. Although online and digital marketing channels have taken over since the rise of technology, marketers shouldn’t forget about out-of-home (OOH) advertising just yet. In fact, out-of-home advertising is still commonly used by some of the top brands in the country. According to Statista, “outdoor advertising spending in North America amounted to nearly 10.4 billion U.S. dollars in 2019.” So, it’s clearly still a widely used advertising channel, but what actually is OOH advertising and how is it benefiting marketers and advertisers today?

What Is OOH Advertising?

Out-of-home advertising is exactly what it sounds like; a form of advertising that is found outside of one’s home. Think about it this way: if you are outside and not looking at your phone, there is a good chance you’re looking at out-of-home advertising. Some examples of OOH advertising include:

  • Bus / Taxi Wraps
  • Billboards
  • Airport Ads
  • Street Benches, Kiosks and Bus Stops
  • Point-of-Sale Displays
  • Subway, Metro and Train Ads

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If you’ve visited my blog before, you know I can’t help myself and need to include a reference to healthcare marketing in each of my posts. Well, for those avid healthcare followers, here are 20 Examples of Effective Healthcare and Medical Billboards determined by FlipHound, one of the largest independent advertising platforms. 

Benefits of OOH Advertising

The real question many marketers are asking themselves is whether or not they should include OOH advertising tactics into their strategies. Well, according to the number one outdoor advertising company worldwide, The JCDecaux Group, “With the growing number of communication channels, from online to Video on Demand, to social media, audiences are becoming increasingly fragmented.” Because consumers are constantly targeted with such a high amount of online and digital ads, OOH advertising provides brands with an alternative way to stand out among competing advertisements. 

While marketers are expected to remain up-to-date with the latest advancements in digital marketing, traditional advertising channels should still remain top of mind. Out-of-home advertising can be an effective alternative to online digital advertising if used correctly, and a smart marketer should acknowledge that. 

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