Why Brand Personality Matters in Healthcare

For most people, going to the hospital or to the doctor can be quite frightening. Now more than ever, these fears have increased due to the pandemic. According to Star Tribune, “Millions of Americans are jeopardizing their health by avoiding hospital care, even in medical emergencies, for fear of contracting COVID-19.” In fact, whether you have a check-up with your primary care physician or you’re undergoing open-heart surgery, chances are you’ll feel a little nervous prior to receiving care. Well, with COVID-19 fears working against them, what are healthcare marketers doing to maintain a positive outlook in the eyes of consumers? Branding.

Having a strong brand helps protect a business or organization from negativity, while projecting the business in the most favorable light. In an industry like healthcare, we are selling a service that most don’t want to buy, so we need our consumers to trust us. The way to gain this trust is by building and honing a strong brand personality. Now, let’s dive into how an effective brand personality can help increase patient acquisition.

Humanizing Healthcare

A brand personality refers to certain characteristics that humanize a brand. It consists of traits that consumers will remember you by, as well as elements that personify the brand. In healthcare, having a strong personality is important because it consists of providing a service where most don’t feel comfortable receiving.

  • Comfort. How would you feel if you were undergoing a procedure and your physician called you to explain the process without using layman terms? Or if your nurse came into your room without greeting you or smiling? By having a compassionate and understanding tone, patients will feel better about their experience and will likely consider returning.
  • Recall. As healthcare marketers, our goal is to be our community’s hospital of choice. Having a sincere, competent personality will allow consumers to recall your brand the next time they need care. Having a strong mission, vision and value statements are great ways to remain top of mind to consumers.
  • Resonate. Humanizing a healthcare business is essential to achieving success. Whether you’ve had a personal experience at a hospital or have had a loved one admitted, most people have had some type of experience with healthcare. A hospital must portray this understanding within their personality, in order to get consumers to resonate with their brand.

Having a strong brand personality gives consumers a chance to find comfort in the brand, resonate with the brand and recall the brand. Brand personalities give consumers a holistic image of what they will be getting out of an experience with a business, whether it’s a service or a product. In an industry that many people fear, like healthcare, it is essential for marketers to formulate such trust.

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