Why Branding Is Essential in Healthcare

Healthcare is a fundamental part of people’s lives. No matter who you are, chances are you’ve been to a hospital. Whether it’s for a procedure, to get screened or to visit a loved one, consumers need healthcare. Well, if healthcare marketers are selling a service that is absolutely needed by consumers, why do they even need to try? Actually, because there is such an immense demand for healthcare, healthcare marketers aim to have their health system stand out more than any other system. That’s where branding comes in.

Think about it. Because healthcare is such a competitive market, the main way consumers will specifically choose a facility is if the facility is top of mind. The way marketers ensure their facilities are top of mind to consumers is by striving to have strong, cultivating and reliable branding. In fact, according to Inkwell Global Marketing, “Whether it is bringing in new patients or working with providers, healthcare companies must manage a brand that people trust.” Here are 3 ways having a trustworthy brand can influence a healthcare system:

  1. Brand Recall and Recognition — Having consistent brand elements such as a logo, color palette, or typography style will help keep your health system top of mind whenever a consumer is deciding which healthcare system to go to. Maintaining such consistency not only demonstrates reliability, but it helps build a strong brand identity which will encourage patients to initially think of your brand when scheduling an appointment online or for quick-thinking emergency care needs.
  1. Brand Reputation — Although having brand recall and recognition is an important first step to getting a consumer to choose your healthcare system, brand reputation plays an integral part in moving the needle of the marketing funnel from purchase intention to purchase action. Having a positive brand image or reputation will encourage patients to seek care at your facility. By sharing patient testimonials and encouraging positive reviews, your hospital’s brand reputation will stand out amongst its competitors. By coming up with a brand promise and sticking to it, consumers will learn to trust your brand, hence, giving your business a positive reputation.
  1. Brand Resonance and Loyalty — In addition attracting new patients with a positive brand reputation and image, hospitals must also strive to maintain current patients. Brand resonance is how well a customer relates to a brand or perceives a brand’s vision, value and goals. By implementing marketing strategies and providing high quality, compassionate care with the end goal of brand resonance in mind, consumers will feel connected to your brand. A brand that resonates with its customers has more of a chance of having loyal customers that will in turn drive business.

As you can see, branding can directly affect how well a business is doing. Yes, it can even affect a business that is fundamentally needed, such as the healthcare industry. Branding is essential in healthcare; however, it is even more essential for marketers to understand how having consistent, reputable branding strategies can influence patient acquisition.

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