Why Healthcare Marketers Should Appeal to the Emotions of Their Patients

As marketers, our job is to determine the right message to communicate to the right audience, through the right channels and at the right time. Almost too often, we are expected to measure the success of our communication by analyzing data, reading metrics and performing marketing research. However, part of knowing how to effectively communicate with people is by simply understanding the underlying elements that impact how a person thinks, acts and feels. In fact, according to HubSpot, “to accurately gauge our content’s emotional resonance, and in turn, its ability to grab people’s attention, make them feel something, and compel them to act, we need to focus more on neuroscience and less on web metrics and in-person interviews.” In other words, marketers must strive to understand the “inner self” of their consumers in order to understand how to effectively connect with them. 

According to the founder of analytic psychology, Carl Jung, the “inner self” refers to, “the totality of the psyche that includes our deeper, more unconscious desires, intentions, or in essence, the real you.” In healthcare, we are selling a service most people don’t want to buy. The way to attract patients to your specific hospital is to appeal to pathos or their emotions by understanding what makes them who they are. 

Appealing to Pathos with Patients

By appealing to pathos, healthcare marketers are able to touch their consumers in a different manner. Whether it’s reminding them of what’s important to their health or sharing a motivational story, connecting with patients and future patients will help increase patient acquisition and secure brand loyalty. Here are a couple ways healthcare marketers connect with their consumers:

  • Patient Testimonials —  Whether it’s a written testimonial from a first-time-mom writing about her experiencing delivering her first child at your hospital or a video testimonial of a cancer patient who won the battle against cancer, patient testimonials are a great way to appeal to pathos. By watching these videos, consumers will keep your hospital top-of-mind because you touched their hearts. Here is an example of tear-jerking patient testimonial I’ve put together: 

  • Important Health Reminders — In addition to appealing to pathos with someone else’s emotional story, healthcare marketers should remind consumers about their own health as well. By sending a targeted email blast to adults who need to get screened for colon cancer or by posting a graphic with the signs and symptoms of a stroke on social media, adults will feel compelled to schedule that next appointment and get checked.  

As you can see, appealing to the emotions of patients can not only influence their decision when needed healthcare, but it could also persuade patients to take the next step in the marketing funnel and actually take action to get checked. Every person has been impacted by a hospital. Whether it’s personally or through a loved one, chances are you’ve been impacted too. Healthcare marketers must keep this notion in the back of their minds at all times, as they make the next strategic marketing decision towards resonating with patients.

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